Applied Mathematics with Open-Source Software: Operational Research Problems with Python and R


Applied Mathematics with Open-Source Software: Operational Research Problems with Python and R

  • Author:Geraint PalmerVincent Knight
  • Length: 142 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Chapman & Hall
  • Publication Date: 2022-05-12
  • ISBN-10: 0367348683
  • ISBN-13: 9780367348687
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    Book Description

    Applied Mathematics with Open-source Software: Operational Research Problems with Python and R
    is aimed at a broad segment of readers who wish to learn how to use open-source software to solve problems in applied mathematics. The book has an innovative structure with 4 sections of two chapters covering a large range of applied mathematical techniques: probabilistic modelling, dynamical systems, emergent behaviour and optimisation. The pairs of chapters in each section demonstrate different families of solution approaches. Each chapter starts with a problem, gives an overview of the relevant theory, shows a solution approach in R and in Python, and finally gives wider context by including a number of published references. This structure will allow for maximum accessibility, with minimal prerequisites in mathematics or programming as well as giving the right opportunities for a reader wanting to delve deeper into a particular topic.


    • An excellent resource for scholars of applied mathematics and operational research, and indeed any academics who want to learn how to use open-source software.
    • Offers more general and accessible treatment of the subject than other texts, both in terms of programming language but also in terms of the subjects considered.
    • The R and Python sections purposefully mirror each other so that a reader can read only the section that interests them.
    • An accompanying open-source repository with source files and further examples is posted online at https: //





    • 对于应用数学和运筹学的学者,以及任何想要学习如何使用开源软件的学者来说,这是一个极好的资源。
    • 与其他文本相比,无论是在编程语言方面,还是在所考虑的主题方面,都提供了更一般和更容易理解的主题。
    • R节和Python节故意相互镜像,以便读者只能阅读他们感兴趣的节。
    • 附带的开源资源库包含源文件和更多示例,网址为:。
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