Empowering Marketing and Sales with HubSpot: Take your business to a new level with HubSpot’s inbound marketing, SEO, analytics, and sales tools


Empowering Marketing and Sales with HubSpot: Take your business to a new level with HubSpot’s inbound marketing, SEO, analytics, and sales tools

  • Author:Resa Gooding
  • Length: 476 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Packt Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2022-07-15
  • ISBN-10: 1838987142
  • ISBN-13: 9781838987145
  • Sales Rank: #458592 (See Top 100 Books)
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    Book Description

    Leverage HubSpot to reach your target audience with the right content and convert them into loyal customers

    Key Features

    • Explore a full software stack for marketing, sales, and customer services to grow your business
    • Understand how to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers
    • Learn to prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in an efficient way

    Book Description

    Empowering Marketing and Sales with HubSpot is your comprehensive solution to using HubSpot to achieve your business goals with a flexible and lean approach. With this book, you’ll implement out-of-the-box solutions provided by HubSpot for sales and marketing professionals using all the tools needed to effectively manage your business campaigns, sales, and marketing automation processes.

    This book will take you through steps to ensure your investment in HubSpot pays off from Day 1. You’ll learn how to set up HubSpot correctly and understand how to generate quick wins for your organization. Next, you will work with important HubSpot tools for SEO, social media, and ads. The book will also show you how to use HubSpot for conversational marketing and create a marketing funnel using HubSpot’s lead capture and engagement tools. In addition to this, you will get to grips with building custom reports, dashboards, and notifications to stay on top of company marketing goals. Later, you will learn how to use HubSpot for inbound marketing and for every type of business, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and eCommerce.

    By the end of this HubSpot book, you will have the skills you need to be able to set up effective marketing campaigns and leverage the insights gleaned from sales efforts using just one platform.

    What you will learn

    • Explore essential steps involved in implementing HubSpot correctly
    • Build ideal marketing and sales campaigns for your organization
    • Manage your sales process and empower your sales teams using HubSpot
    • Get buy-in from your management and colleagues by setting up useful reports
    • Use Flywheel strategies to increase sales for your business
    • Apply the inbound methodology to scale your marketing
    • Re-engage your existing database using the HubSpot retargeting ads tool
    • Understand how to use HubSpot for any B2B industry in which you operate

    Who this book is for

    This HubSpot marketing book is for sales and marketing professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to use HubSpot for scaling their sales and marketing activities. A basic understanding of key marketing terms is required to get started with this book.


    书名:Empowering Marketing and Sales with HubSpot: Take your business to a new level with HubSpot’s inbound marketing, SEO, analytics, and sales tools


    Key Features

    • 探索用于营销、销售和客户服务的完整软件堆栈,以发展您的业务
    • 了解如何组织、跟踪并与潜在客户和客户建立更好的关系
    • 学会以高效的方式确定和执行营销任务的优先顺序

    Book Description





    • 探索正确实施HubSpot所涉及的基本步骤
    • 为您的组织构建理想的营销和销售活动
    • 使用HubSpot管理您的销售流程并增强您的销售团队
    • 通过设置有用的报告来获得管理层和同事的支持
    • 使用飞轮策略为您的企业增加销售额
    • 应用入站方法来扩展您的营销
    • 使用HubSpot重定目标广告工具重新使用现有数据库
    • 了解如何在您运营的任何B2B行业中使用HubSpot



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