Software Development Activity Cycles: Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing and User Acceptance


Software Development Activity Cycles: Collaborative Development, Continuous Testing and User Acceptance

  • Author:Robert F. Rose
  • Length: 311 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Publication Date: 2022-08-26
  • ISBN-10: 1484282388
  • ISBN-13: 9781484282380
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    Book Description

    This book provides a holistic and comprehensible view of the entire software development process, including ongoing evolution and support. It treats development as a collaborative effort with triad communication between a tester, a programmer, and a representative from the user community or a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

    Progress is measured by user acceptance in each cycle before proceeding to the next step of activity. There is no test stage in this model: continuous testing is represented in the backswing (Check Phase) of each activity cycle. This approach posits that there exists some “happy path” that represents the intent of the project as declared by the objectives of a Vision Statement, and that this path can be revealed by an iterative and incremental process of “freeing the statue from the stone.” As the image of this path unfolds, more waste is removed while retaining conceptual integrity.

    Software Development Activity Cycles will be extremely helpful to Product and Project Managers new to the concept of a lean agile development effort, and should be of great interest to all practitioners of an agile methodology or those considering or just beginning an agile journey.

    What You’ll Learn

    • See how the various disciplines constituting the software development process come together
    • Understand where in the development process management, you can exercise measurement of progress and control
    • Review how a quality engineering program will positively affect the quality of the development process
    • Examine how the quality of the development process profoundly affects the quality of the software system

    Who This Book Is For

    Managers, from the C-Suite (CEO, CXO, CIO) to line managers including project managers, and practitioners including programmers, testers, and mid-level managers (Technical Project Managers, Software Quality Engineers, and Coaches). Also, Agile enthusiasts who are looking for a software development methodology on which to place their hat.




    在进行下一步活动之前,通过每个周期中的用户接受度来衡量进度。该模型中没有测试阶段:在每个活动周期的后摆动(检查阶段)中表示连续测试。这种方法假定存在一些快乐路径,它表示 意向 这条道路可以通过迭代和渐进的过程来揭示,将雕像从石头中解放出来。随着这条道路的形象展开,更多的浪费被移除,同时保持概念的完整性。

    软件开发活动周期 对于刚接触精益敏捷开发工作概念的产品和项目经理非常有帮助,并且应该引起敏捷方法论的所有实践者或那些正在考虑或刚刚开始敏捷之旅的人的极大兴趣。

    What You’ll Learn

    • 了解构成软件开发过程的各种规程如何结合在一起
    • 了解在开发过程管理中,您可以对进度和控制进行测量
    • 回顾质量工程计划如何对开发过程的质量产生积极影响
    • 检查开发过程的质量如何深刻地影响软件系统的质量



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