AI and the Future of the Public Sector: The Creation of Public Sector 4.0


AI and the Future of the Public Sector: The Creation of Public Sector 4.0

  • Author:Tony Boobier
  • Length: 288 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication Date: 2022-09-26
  • ISBN-10: 1119868106
  • ISBN-13: 9781119868101
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    Book Description

    Discover how data, analytics, and AI will transform public services for the better

    In AI and the Future of the Public Sector: The Creation of Public Sector 4.0, renowned executive and consultant Tony Boobier delivers a comprehensive reference of the most relevant and central issues regarding the adoption and implementation of AI in the public sector. In the book, you’ll find out why data and analytics are the solution to significant and ongoing problems in the public service relating to its ability to effectively provide services in an environment of reduced funding. You’ll also discover the likely impact of future technological developments, like 5G and quantum computing, as well as explore the future of healthcare and the effective digitalization of the healthcare industry.

    The book also offers:

    • Discussions of policing 4.0 and how data and analytics will transform public safety
    • Explorations of the future of education and how ai can dramatically enhance educational standards while reducing costs
    • Treatments of the internationalization of public services and its impact on agencies and departments everywhere

    A can’t-miss resource for public sector employees at the managerial and professional levels, AI and the Future of the Public Sector is an insightful and timely blueprint to the effective use of artificial intelligence that belongs in the bookshelves of policy makers, academics, and public servants around the world.




    在《人工智能与公共部门的未来:公共部门4.0的创建》一书中,著名高管兼顾问Tony Boobier提供了关于在公共部门采用和实施人工智能最相关和最核心的问题的全面参考。在这本书中,你会发现为什么数据和分析是解决公共服务中与其在资金减少的环境下有效提供服务的能力相关的重大和持续问题的解决方案。您还将发现未来技术发展(如5G和量子计算)可能产生的影响,以及探索医疗保健的未来和医疗保健行业的有效数字化。


    • 关于警务4.0以及数据和分析将如何改变公共安全的讨论
    • 探索教育的未来,以及人工智能如何在降低成本的同时显著提高教育水平
    • 公共服务国际化的处理及其对各地机构和部门的影响


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