CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-005, 3rd Edition


CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-005, 3rd Edition

  • Author:Kim Heldman
  • Length: 480 pages
  • Edition: 3
  • Publisher: Sybex
  • Publication Date: 2022-10-04
  • ISBN-10: 1119892457
  • ISBN-13: 9781119892458
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    Book Description

    Prepare for the Project+ exam and a new career in project management quickly and efficiently with a newly updated guide

    In the newly revised Third Edition of the CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-005, veteran project manager and tech educator Kim Heldman delivers a fully updated and comprehensive guide to the foundational CompTIA Project+ exam. This all-in-one study aid focuses on the job-critical skills demanded by employers and will help you hit the ground running on your first day in a new project management role.

    In this Study Guide, you’ll learn to manage the project lifecycle, coordinate small- and medium-sized projects, establish communication plans, manage resources and stakeholders, maintain project documentation and artifacts, and support the completion of larger projects within an information technology environment. It also offers:

    Hands-on, concrete guidance designed to banish test anxiety and prepare you for the entry-level CompTIA Project+ exam Detailed advice on project management concepts, lifecycle phases, project tools and documentation, and IT and governance basics required by on-the-job project managers Complimentary access to Sybex’s interactive, online learning environment and test bank, complete with an assessment test, hundreds of practice questions, practice exams, electronic flashcards, and a searchable glossary of key terms
    Full of practical examples and insights drawn from the author’s extensive, real-world experience, the newest edition of CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-005, Third Edition, is a must-read for anyone considering a new career in project management or preparing for the CompTIA Project+ exam.


    书名:CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-005, 3rd Edition


    在新修订的第三版中 CompTIA项目+学习指南:考试PK0-005,资深项目经理和技术教育家Kim Heldman提供了一份全面更新的基础性CompTIA Project+考试指南。这款一体式学习辅助工具专注于雇主要求的关键工作技能,将帮助你在进入新的项目管理角色的第一天就开始工作。


    旨在消除考试焦虑并为入门级CompTIA Project+考试做准备的实际指导在职项目经理所需的关于项目管理概念、生命周期阶段、项目工具和文档以及IT和治理基础知识的详细建议免费访问Sybex的交互式在线学习环境和测试库,包括评估测试、数百个练习题、练习题、电子抽认卡和可搜索的关键术语词汇表
    从作者广泛的现实世界经验中汲取的大量实际例子和见解,最新版本的 CompTIA项目+学习指南:考试PK0-005,第三版, 是任何考虑在项目管理领域从事新职业或准备参加CompTIA Project+考试的人的必读书籍。

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