IoT System Testing: An IoT Journey from Devices to Analytics and the Edge


IoT System Testing: An IoT Journey from Devices to Analytics and the Edge

  • Author:Jon Duncan Hagar
  • Length: 345 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Apress
  • Publication Date: 2022-10-01
  • ISBN-10: 1484282752
  • ISBN-13: 9781484282755
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    Book Description

    To succeed, teams must assure the quality of IoT systems. The world of technology continually moves from one hot area to another; this book considers the next explosion―of IoT―from a quality testing viewpoint. You’ll first gain an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), V&V, and testing. Next, you’ll be walked through IoT test planning and strategy over the full life cycle, including the impact of data analytics and AI. You will then delve deeper into IoT security testing and various test techniques, patterns, and more. This is followed by a detailed study of IoT software test labs, architecture, environments and AI. There are many options for testing IoT qualities based on the criticality of the software and risks involved; each option has positives, negatives, as well as cost and schedule impacts. The book will guide start-up and experienced teams into these paths and help you to improve the testing and quality assessment of IoT systems. What You Will Learn

    • Understand IoT software test architecture and planning
    • Master IoT security testing and test techniques
    • Study IoT test lab automation and architectures
    • Review the need for IoT security, data analytics, AI, Neural Networks and dependability using testing and V&V

    Who This Book Is ForReaders with basic knowledge of software development who want to learn more about IoT testing and its intricacies, as well as companies moving into the domain of IoT, and even those already deep into the IoT domain will benefit from this book.




    • 了解物联网软件测试体系结构和规划
    • 掌握物联网安全测试和测试技术
    • 研究物联网测试实验室自动化和架构
    • 使用测试和V&V评估对物联网安全、数据分析、人工智能、神经网络和可靠性的需求


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